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Marijuana In Your Blood

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How long does marijuana stay in your blood

How long does marijuana stay in your blood


How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your BloodHow long does marijuana stay in your blood? They all marijuana users are asked to undergo a drug test when you are faced with a common problem. The last point is that marijuana is being used even after several days or weeks can be traced in the body. It stays in your system how long do you rate your body’s metabolism with marijuana use depends on how many times.The most common way to test for marijuana urine test, but blood test driving under the influence,especially when the suspect has been used as well. Blood tests measure the levels of active THC and only can detect recent marijuana use. On the other hand, urine test to measure levels of THC metabolites -compounds that result from the breakdown of THC – such as THC-COOH.

THC metabolites to is known remain in the body much longer and threatens to users therefore being tested.Drug Abuse (NIDA), published in 2007 by researchers from the National Institute on a study associated with marijuana use absorption and elimination of THC summary of the findings of previous research.The most common method of smoking marijuana use and also happens to be the fastest method of THC absorbed. Your last puff patients (9.8 minutes) taken within just a minute before – THC smoke reaching a peak at around 9.0 minutes, with blood levels of THC, after the first inhale marijuana smoke has been found to be immediately detectable.How deeply they inhale varying doses of patients to control their individual sounds, the average amount of THC in the blood after the last breath and 30 minutes to 15 minutes to less than 20% dropped to 60%of the peak. 2 hour mark, THC levels below 5 ng / mL. How long does marijuana stay in your blood?

Studies, high doses of THC group detection limit for the low-dose group (0.5 ng / mL) under 6 to 27hours to drop by and among the 3 hours it took 12. However, the study subjects THC levels fell so quickly, this is because marijuana smokers who were not regular.

A less common form of marijuana consumption is by oral ingestion. Oral ingestion of THC THC levels leads to a very different way. Cookies given 20mg THC blood levels of THC in a study involving patients following peak consumption could be between 1 and 5 pm. Kim and Eun using Marinol capsules of 10mg of THC (1996) In another study conducted by following the ingestion identified a peak between 1 to 2hours. In a study involving flax oil and dronabinol, THC blood levels of intake below the detection limit of 25 hours (0.5 ng / mL) were found to fall below. On the other hand, THC-COOH is still more than 50hours after the last dose was mediocre.Tissues and metabolism in the liver due to its rapid delivery upon completion of smoking THC blood concentrations decrease rapidly.

THC is a fat-soluble molecule and initially, like lungs, heart, brain and liver, as is absorbed by organs with high circulation. Much longer than it stays in the blood for THC and its metabolites from the body parts usually are retained. With regular use – can stay there for up to 4weeks study shows THC is stored in fat tissue that mostly.THC is metabolized primarily by the liver, but such brain, intestine and lungs as well as other tissues can contribute. 80 to 90% of THC is eliminated from the body – mostly its metabolites, as studies show that within 5 days. More than 65% is excreted in urine and 20% in feces.

On the other hand, varies from one individual in this study, although THC, one month following the expiration of the limit of detection in the blood of regular users (0.3 ng / ml) can be found above.Based on these findings, the marijuana stay in your system for how long is impossible to say for sure,how long does marijuana stay in your blood? The THC dose, amount of use, duration and frequency of the law and as your body’s metabolic rate levels contributing to the uncertainty, there are a number of factors. On top of all limits, and various drug test cut off at different levels of accuracy.

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